Monday, October 15, 2012

Challenge....Tangled American Girl Doll Hair

I have been seriously lacking in my blogging.  I apologize. Inspiration struck this evening as I was combing Savannah's American Girl (AG) doll's hair.  

Yes, you read that correctly...I was combing the doll's hair.  Probably better described as attempting to tame the rat's next.    

Most little girls play with dolls, pretend to be mommies, feed them, change their clothes....and drag them around by the hair.  Such dragging and rough handling results in ridiculous tangles that even the "Fittest Man on Earth" would have a hard time combing out.  

There is the do you get rid of the tangles in the doll's hair without balding her or if she is an AG doll, sending her off to Chicago to the doll hospital for a hair fix (You would be amazed at what they do). 

I turned to trusty Pinterest.  It rarely fails me when I need a DIY fix. I remember seeing a couple of weeks ago a doll hair detangler recipe.  What harm could it do?  I had some free time tonight after the kids went to bed...and Savannah received an AG catalog in the mail today and insisted that she needs a new doll because her current doll's hair wasn't straight.  Now, I love her and would love to giver her anything she asks for...but I got her current doll from a friend...I didn't pay full price...and I hesitate on spending that much on a doll.  

So, I retrieved the recipe for doll hair detangler.  All you need is fabric softener, water, a spray bottle, wide tooth comb and brush.  I used 3 tablespoons of fabric softener, then filled the rest of the spray bottle with water.  I sprayed the hair liberally and started the task.  It seemed hopeless at first, but it just took a minute for the concoction to begin relaxing the hair. Brush...yank...spray...brush...and 20 minutes later the AG doll (Josephina) was tangle free. 

Below is the before, tools, after, and pile of hair that came from her head, which I think is testament to the quality of an AG doll.  I think any other doll would have bald spots if that much hair was pulled out of her head.  

So hopefully, the now straight-haired Josephina will quell Savannah's want of a new AG can hope...

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